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About Us - Peter Boys

Peter has business experience across a number of sectors and has been involved in property for a number of years. Since 2000 he has been heavily involved in the buying, developing and selling of land in the UK and abroad.

In 2003 Peter was Head of Operations for a leading innovator in the planning industry where he spearheaded the involvement of the company in over 80 sites around the UK with a potential value in excess of £500M. This included analysis of each site with regards to a possible successful planning application, consultation with outside consultants, Environmental Impact Assessments, Traffic Assessments and sales. It required consultation with the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, Local Authorities and potential partners and purchasers, coordinating the submission of planning applications, the monitoring of progress of the applications and decision making on subsequent appeals as was necessary.

Peter also has a property development company in Spain, developing luxury villas, and is directly involved in the acquisition of land, obtaining of planning permission, project management of the construction and the subsequent sale of the properties.


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