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About Us - Godfrey Chapples

Godfrey Chapples has a significant amount of knowledge and experience in all matters regarding planning. During his time in Surrey as a Woking Borough Councillor he held numerous positions including Chairman of Highways and Traffic Management, Vice Chairman of Local Plan, Vice Chairman of Leisure Services and sat as a full member of the Core Policy Committees of Planning, Housing and General Purpose.

Prior to becoming a Borough Councillor he directed his own Housing Development company which involved land acquisition, planning and appeals and liaison with Planning and Engineering Consultants, Officers and Members of Local and Regional Authorities and Government Officials.

In recent years Godfrey has been the major driving force in the planning and development of over 1,000 dwellings in the UK in areas such as Beaconsfield, High Wycombe, Marlow and Huntingdon. In addition he has been responsible for the development of a country club in Devon and a holiday village in Cornwall. He was also a major influence on the involvement of a large planning organisation in over 60 sites around the UK worth over £400M.

His prime area of responsibility within AMP entails site selection, appraisal, acquisition and ascertainment of their suitability for housing, commercial or industrial purposes as well as ongoing project management. His demanding role involves inspection of sites all over the United Kingdom that have become available through his extensive network of agents, surveyors and valuers.


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